New American Girl Dolls??

Hey everyone! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back! So check this out- the other day I was visiting a friend and her family still gets the American Girl doll catalogs in the mail! So of course, Little Katie popped out and was like “OMG! I haven’t seen these in years! I have to look at this!” Let me just say that Little Katie was the MOST upset.
Here’s a little background for those of you who don’t know what exactly American Girl dolls are. The Pleasant Company first introduced the dolls in 1986. Originally, they were an array of historical characters that all overcame some sort of odds while growing up that ultimately made them a better person. These dolls included, Felicity, Kirstin, Addy, Samantha and Molly. Felicity was a tomboy during the Revolutionary War, Kirstin was a Pioneer from Sweden, Addy escaped slavery with her mother, Samantha befriended a servant girl during the Victorian Era and Molly was volunteering for the Red Cross during World War II.
They might sound a little petty now, but growing up, everyone wanted an American Girl doll. Each doll had six stories that detailed how these girls overcame certain obstacles that were facing the entire nation at the time. As cheesy as this sounds, they were role models. I remember reading these books in the dark after bedtime- they were fascinating, and always portrayed the girls as semi super heroes. They were the epitome of cool.
So, as I was flipping through the new magazine, I was pretty upset, to say the least. FIRST OF ALL: Molly and Addy are the ONLY original dolls that even exist anymore! Everyone else has been scrapped- like CHOPPED LIVER! What is that about? These girls were awesome! And the girls that have replaced them are the most ridiculous! They have been replaced by “look-a-like” dolls! Ok, maybe when you’re young you think it would be cool to have a doll that looked like you, but honestly, it’s pretty creepy if you ask me. All of the new dolls in the collection are just silly. I get it that times are changing and there are more eras and time periods that need to be represented, but from what I gathered in the magazine, these new girls don’t even have cool stories! They’re just like “growing up in the ’70′s and being a flower child!” Yeah. Right.
And the new products! These little girls can now buy basically everything a mother would want for an actual child! Did you get that? ACTUAL CHILDREN. The original American Girls were about independence and friendship, now the magazine is all about what faux baby products you can buy to pretend like your doll is real. Cool. I get it. Pretend like your doll is real. But what happened to the adventures? Now all of the products you can buy are there to teach your daughter how to take care of babies? That’s ridiculous! We should be teaching these girls the importance of oh, I don’t know, getting a job? Finishing school?
Needles to say, I was pretty disappointed in American Girl. I, personally, had Samantha, and during the age when I played with dolls, I thought she was the coolest. Yeah, she had cool clothes and accessories, but the stories are what I remember the most. It’s sad to think that this generation of little girls won’t have the same.

05. November 2011 by KNedvidek
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