Review: Are Men Necessary? By Maureen Dowd

Ok, so sorry this is a little delayed, guys, but I’ve been on the job hunt all week, so I’m just now getting around to reviewing a book. This week I chose “Are Men Necessary” by Maureen Dowd. At first glance, I had my suspicions about the book. The pupl-fiction-y cover coupled with the title made me a little nervous. HOWEVER, on the first page of the book, Down explains that this book is not to be seen as a tool to eliminate men, but just as a collection of her personal experiences and observations dealing with relationships.

No offense, but I think she could have found a better title in that case.
The book basically revolves around the confusion of postfeminist dating, and how some women believe that we dug ourselves in a pretty deep hole when we demanded equal rights. She explains that many women found that after the whole surge of women’s rights died down in the sixties, women were stuck with men refusing to pay for them and not treating them like “women”. I’m going to be honest right away, I thought this book was completely pointless. Yeah, she’s funny, and witty and a very good writer, but this book was so dumb! It’s just page after page after page of her name dropping (oh, my friend was was on Sex and the City…oh, my friend who was in several movies…) LAME. Like, I get it, you know famous people- cool. Drop it.

Here’s the thing. If this book would just focus a bit more- it would be great. Some of the topics breached are really thought provoking, and well researched. She’s a good writer, she just doesn’t display her talents in this book. The little stories about her mother and ex boyfriends are cute, but ultimately pointless. One of the only things that was running through my head while reading this was “isn’t it kind of pointless to write a book on how ultimately feminism still has a long way to go, while peppering your writing with silly stories about shoes, thongs and baked goods?”

Sooooooo, don’t read it. Or, read it if you want to waste a couple hours of your life. I’m definitely not recommending it though.

22. October 2011 by KNedvidek
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