Woman of the Week! Victoria Murphy

Woohoo! This is my first Woman of the Week! Basically I’m going around in Danville and talking to the women that I think need some recognition and deserve a week for all of us to fawn over them. Check out my little chat with the manager of Harvesting Hope, Victoria Murphy.
“I honestly never thought about this kind of work at all. Like, ever.” Unusual words for the manager of the local food pantry, Harvesting Hope, but her words all the same. Don’t misunderstand though, Victoria Murphy loves her job and finds it rewarding in ways she never imagined. A lover of Golden Girls, world traveling and charity work, Victoria sat down with me to discuss the work and perks of her life as a mother of two, since coming to Harvesting Hope in July, 2010.
*Harvesting Hope is a food pantry and soup kitchen located in Danville, KY.
KN: Have you always worked for this type of company? If so- why? If not- why not?
VM: I began as a real estate agent in 2003, and then moved to the Danville Christian Bookstore, then onto Bluegrass Community Action. I honestly never thought about this kind of work at all. Like, ever. It just sort of happened.
After budget cuts in early 2011 eliminated Murphy’s position at BCA, she was offered the job at Harvesting Hope, so she took some well earned vacation time at the beach until her new job started. She knew that something was missing in her life and that she needed to make a change. Though she didn’t always know that she wanted to be involved in food pantries and soup kitchens, Murphy points out that she has always gone out of her way to ensure that she is working with people.
K N: What goes through your head at the end of your workdays here? Do you talk to your family about your work?
VM: I definitely talk to my children about my work, I want them to know the importance of helping others in need. My philosophy is- if you have enough to share- share, because you never know when you will need help and you hope that there are others out there who will help you. At the end of my workday I just feel thankful that I am in a position to help others, I had no idea when I was younger that my life was all just leading up to this. This is what makes me feel the best, helping others.
In addition to being the manager at Harvesting Hope, Murphy is also an active member of Gethsemane Baptist Church in Danville, was a certified EMT for twenty years and has traveled to Haiti and Guatemala on mission trips.
KN: If you had any two super powers what would they be?
VM: I would love to teleport. I wish I could just say “I want to be in Florida” and them BAM- be there. I think my second one would be to understand and speak every language everywhere. Then I could travel wherever I wanted and be able to lend my help to literally anyone who needed it.
KN: What’s next in the life of Victoria Murphy?
VM: I really don’t know. I live for today. My life basically revolves around my two sons, so I guess we’ll just see where life takes us.
Living in the small town of Danville, Murphy has made the best of every opportunity given to her. Her days begin way too early in the morning and end way too late at night. But she loves every minute of it. She remembers almost every person that comes into Harvesting Hope and always asks about their families, jobs or health. She makes it very clear that her main goal there is to remove the stigma about needing help. “Everyone needs help at some point, and if they’re too embarrassed to ask we’re stuck in a viscous cycle. I try to make everyone as comfortable as possible so they keep coming back”. Her sense of generosity is overwhelming and contagious, allowing for this one woman to make an enormous difference in our community.
*Harvesting Hope food pantry is open Monday- Thursday 9.30 am-11.30am and Fridays 4-6pm. Coming soon- daily soup kitchen! I’ll be sure to post hours on here so stay tuned!
Know someone in the Danville community who needs recognition? Let me know! faceofawoman@gmail.com

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