So, I was bored online the other day when I came across these AODRABLE ads from the 50′s. CHeck this one out- it in particular stood out to me

Right? Sooo cute! Now, look at this– over 60 years later and we’re still using the same advertising techniques.

Is this real life? What do these ads say to you? I’ll tell you what they say to me : “If I were a guy and I wanted to have power over someone it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy”. Aren’t the people in the marketing business supposed to be majorly creative and innovative and revolutionary in creating new ways for us to think? Yeah, riht. Nothing has changed. Both of these companies decided that ultimately the best way to market their product is by depicting that if a man buys it he will have crazy beautiful women falling at his feet, waiting to do whatever he wants. And, of course, it works. I mean, I can’t believe that there are too many heterosexual men who would look at that Skyy ad and think- nah, she’s just alright. I mean, I get it, advertising is supposed to paint a life for you, make you day dream about things that are completely unattainable for most, but is this what we want people fantasizing about? Sure, this ad empowers men, but what does it do for women? Both ads make us look like we will do literally anything for a good drink. I’m sorry, but if I was that desperate for a free drink, I’d rather just down the bottle of table wine in the back of my parents pantry.

What do these ads do for women? Set us back, that’s what. Advertising literally impacts every person ever. Not one person is completely free of the advertising pull. So, while we’re trying to get ahead in the workplace and show everyone that we can handle the responsibilities and the pressure of being a CEO just as well as a man can, we have these stupid little ads plastered in every magazine that’s pulling us down. Do I want to be depicted as someone who will allow a man to stand over me like that? Absolutely not. But what if I’m at a bar and I order a drink with Skyy vodka? How many men do you think have seen this ad, and then based on my order, assume the worst about me? This is nuts. Skyy vodka- you’re delicious, but so rude.


PS- For a look at some other crazy, sexist ads check out : ads

27. September 2011 by KNedvidek
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  1. Great post, Katie! Check out this ridiculously sexist television commercial for J.C. Penney

    JCP has been failing women a lot here lately–what with their “too pretty for homework” t-shirts in the Juniors section and all.

    • Katie, I did research in the history of advertising for part of my thesis in grad school. You should check out “Food is Love”(you can actually access this on google books) by Kathrine J. Parkin–another Katie doing the world some justice. It discusses the woman’s duty of cooking homemade meals as a way of showing love for her family (in the 1910′s–1970′s), which gave the men of the house authority, and how the advertising agencies manipulated ads to reinforce these messages. You’d find it really interesting.

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