Glass Ceiling

When I first started this blog, I kept asking myself- what makes me mad? What really gets me hot under the collar, ya know? Several things popped into my head- Gilmore Girls going off the air, the number of calories in a pint of Ben and Jerrys, why William H. Macy won’t return my emails- the list could go on for days. Then it hit me- literally- the glass ceiling. If you’re going to have a women’s lib blog you might as well start at the top with everyone else.  According to thousands of articles, scholarly journals and politicians- the “glass ceiling” has been shattered. ‘Fraid not. Granted, it may be a little higher than it used to be- in like a vaulted ceiling sense, but in my opinion, it’s definitely still there. Linda Carli, author of “Through the Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders” explains her beliefs that if the glass ceiling has truly been shattered, then what we found above it is merely a labyrinth of obstacles to go through. I have to say, that if I believed the glass ceiling no longer existed, her idea would be pretty close to my train of thought. Let’s think- if the barrier really has come down, then why are there still so many stereotypes that hold us back? Women are often given the warm, cuddly, caring roles, while men are assumed to have a more agentic personality that helps them to be placed in leadership roles. And when a woman does come across as a more dominating person, most people call her rude or pushy. So why is it that a man simply has to seem in control to be considered trustworthy, but a woman has to make the impression of being in control and responsible while simultaneously coming off as caring, gentle and kind? Way too much pressure, if you ask me. *Commencing running list of things that make me mad* BEING PRESSURED.

Is the glass ceiling still there? of course! A few years ago Forbes had the audacity to post an article saying that women are actually happy under the glass ceiling, because it allowed us to have more time for our families and children. Gurl, please. What I want to know is what slack-jawed, backwoods hens they interviewed?! Sure, I can understand how some people could say that they were fine at their current level of employment if they did already have a full plate, or maybe they just actually didn’t want any more responsibility–but couldn’t men say that too? Or did Forbes just assume that men naturally want to reach higher and that women only had the goal of creating the perfect roast while their children were team captains. This is exactly the kind of hooey that keeps the glass ceiling in place. Thanks, Forbes.

24. September 2011 by KNedvidek
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